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Dexter Lumis made another appearance this week on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Lumis jumped the rail and then he was quickly tackled by several members of security. This all happened shortly after AJ Styles was tossed to the ringside area during his match with Bobby Lashley. The Miz acted as if this was a shoot and he stayed away. The announcer's audio cut out and they quickly cut to a commercial break.

After the commercial break, Jimmy Smith acknowledged that it was Dexter Lumis who was taken out of the arena and Corey Graves cut Smith off to tell him not to waste time talking about him.

The common theme here in the last 2 weeks is that Lumis shows up when Styles is around so perhaps, this is setting up for a feud between them. Fightful first reported last week that there was talk of Lumis being brought back by Triple H. If you missed it, click below to check out the video of Lumis' appearance on Raw.

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