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Diamond Dallas Page comments on being inducted into WWE HOF, wishes he could’ve worked with Randy Orton



Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with Justin Barrasso about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this Friday night. He said that it’s huge and humongous to him. He said that if he was given a choice to go back in time, then he wishes he could’ve worked a People’s Champion vs. People’s Champion program with The Rock, which was his idea for him coming to WWE after WCW closed. He said that he had that idea for two years but didn’t push for it. He thinks that his run with WWE would’ve been different if he didn’t have to deal with injuries and had an incredible run. He said that years later, WWE brought him back to host the Best of WCW Nitro DVD then old school RAWs as well as the 1000th episode of RAW and letting him induct Jake Roberts into the Hall of Fame. He also brought up wrestling at the Royal Rumble. He said that although his first run in WWE was not ideal, he would take this run now over it.

When asked about possibly doing one more WWE run and who would be his top choice to work with, DDP said that he always wanted to work with The Rock as he is a big fan of his and noted that Rock has been super kind to him. “The guy who’s really relevant -- I’m too old now, but back when I was in my friggin late 40s, if I would’ve come back, Randy Orton. Even in my mid-50s we could’ve drawn huge money: the Diamond Cutter vs. RKO. It would’ve been amazing.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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