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Diamond Dallas Page reaches out to WWE's Big E



Diamond Dallas Page is reaching out to Big E after the neck injury suffered last night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

As many of you saw, Big E took a belly to belly from Ridge Holland and he landed on the top of his head and neck. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken neck. He later stated that he will not require surgery and there is no spinal damage.

DDP sent out the following message on Twitter to Big E: "After last nights #SMACKDOWN my heart goes out to my brother @WWEBigE If you need me brother I got you, after @NXTCiampa & @Ivar_WWE got done with their broken neck rehab they both came to my crib and stayed a few days with me to #DDPY Rebuild 💎
@AustinCreedWins has my #"

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DDP is referring to DDP Yoga, which has helped many wrestlers in different wants. Buff Bagwell is currently staying with DDP to get clean. Others have reached out to DDP for help with injuries. Chris Jericho, for example, has stated that DDP Yoga extended his career after he dealt with back issues.