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Diamond Dallas Page responds to Vader's claim that DDP told him he was not welcome at his Performance Center

There's an apparent misunderstanding between Vader and Diamond Dallas Page stemming from comments made on Twitter on Monday. Vader has been on Twitter claiming that Diamond Dallas Page turned down his request to help after congestive heart failure diagnosis.

Vader, who worked out with DDP at the DDP Yoga Performance Center in Atlanta earlier this year, posted this on Twitter:'s Raj Giri spoke with Diamond Dallas Page to get his side of the story. DDP said, "I can't heal you with the program if you're constantly continuing to beat up your body wrestling, the program wouldn't have helped Jake [Roberts] or anyone else," Page said. "I worked with Leon and he's really beat up from all the years of football and wrestling. My initials aren't JC, they're DDP. Everyone at any age needs time to heal, especially at 61, that's just common sense. Anybody who knows me at all knows I would never turn anyone down to work with them at my PC, especially one of the boys. Leon just needs to return my call."

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Over the weekend, a documentary trailer was released on Vader's recent health issues. In the trailer (click here to see it), he said that he has two years to live and has no plans to stop wrestling. He also said that there is nothing that can prolong his life, including weight loss.

I can understand Vader's need to continue wrestling to pay his bills but hopefully, he can put his health first and start back up again at DDP's Performance Center before it's too late. I am sure that there are promoters out there that would love to book Vader for autograph signings.