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Diamond Dallas Page to be inducted in the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame



Diamond Dallas Page will be inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame, according to promotional material being produced by WWE. DDP's name had been rumored for a while within WWE and the decision has been made to induct him this year. His upcoming DVD, "Positively Living," will also coincide with his induction. The DVD is set to be released in March.

Page's career in WCW is more than enough to get him into the Hall Of Fame but his work Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts in recent years with their substance abuse issues has really caused a groundswell of support from fans and that may have helped pushed WWE to make the decision to finally induct him. DDP is now working with Vader to help improve his health.

Tickets for the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony go on sale on 1/9 so it's possible that they will make an announcement on that date. While nothing has been said or confirmed, I would not be surprised if Goldberg goes into the Hall Of Fame this year. That has been the case in recent years for names that were featured on the cover of the WWE video game.

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Check out the cover for DDP's DVD below: