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Did Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart really make up?



Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have some legendary heat and that's a great understatement. It doesn't all just stem from the 1997 Survivor Series and the infamous Montreal Screw Job either. These two rubbed each other the wrong way for quite some time before then resulting in Shawn Michaels even vacating his WWE Championship rather than actually lose the title.

The list goes on concerning infractions between the two including Michaels' "Sunny Days" comment about Bret Hart insinuating Bret Hart had relations with Sunny (like Shawn Michaels actually did)... let the record be clear this has never been confirmed and is actually firmly denied by everyone involved. Hart denies anything happened between the two and Sunny said in her tell-all autobiography that the two only kissed (tell-all is an understatement considering everything Sunny said about her tryst with HBK).

HBK and The Hitman did makeup after so long. But Jerry Lawler recently spoke about this on Dinner With The King where he said, "I don't think that Shawn and Bret were ever close friends, to begin with, and so you know, yeah the hugging it out and all that sort of stuff was pretty much for show and for the camera's sake and the old saying time heals all."

Lawler went on to say that he thinks Bret Hart has hard time to get over the transgressions of the past and has let a lot of it go. "That's the kind of stuff that can just eat on you and actually affect your health." But Lawler said he certainly thinks it wasn't a situation where all was well after they hugged on television.

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It might not be the case where these two legends will ever ben close friends or "exchanging Christmas cards" but as Lawler said, "it's water under the bridge" now and "it's best to not let it really get to you anymore."

But if Michaels and Hart can come to some kind of common ground and let the past be the past, who knows what other grand rivalries could be eventually squashed with a simple hug and some common ground, I'm looking at you Jim Cornette and Santino Marella/Vince Russo/Dixie Carter/Joey Ryan/Greg The Office Boy/etc.

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