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Disco Inferno says WWE has “taken Lana’s sex appeal away” and Jinder Mahal is better than Rusev on promos

This week on “Keeping It 100 with Konnan,” the guys talk to Eric Bischoff and Matt Cardona. They also discussed some of the news of the week.

Here are some highlights:

Disco on whether Rusev should have been the WWE Champion: “I don’t know if Rusev should have been the world champion. They definitely undersold him. Jinder’s promos were better than Rusev and he got the spot. They have taken Lana’s sex appeal away. They made her really annoying.”

Konnan on Rusev: “I would have put the title on him at all, which I wouldn’t have, but if I would I would have put it on him when he had that tremendous power couple package with Lana. Lana to me, when I see her now means nothing. She is overly bronzed. Not the orange tan Hogan bronze, but just overly bronzed, like really?”

Eric Bischoff on the mindset of him being a heel: “If you are going to be a heel, you really have to learn how to love being a heel. It forces you to change the way you think. I used to come home from events because my kids were really young. They were still in junior high school and my daughter, younger than that. I was getting shit thrown at me and yelled at. My little daughter shows up at school and they know she is Eric Bischoff’s daughter. She came home from school and said, Dad, doesn’t it hurt your feelings that so many people are mad at you. I said does it hurt your feelings that we are going to Disney World next month? It’s how Daddy pays the bills? I remind myself that they (the fans) don’t know me, they don’t know Eric Bischoff.”

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