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Dish Network not carrying Extreme Rules?

Dave Meltzer first reported yesterday that DirecTV is not carrying WWE pay-per-views going forward. DirectTV represents more than 20 percent of United States homes but it’s not a huge deal since most people will find a way to watch the shows. However, the bigger story is that Dish Network is not carrying Extreme Rules and if they choose not to carry pay-per-views going forward then it becomes a problem for WWE. It becomes a massive problem if InDemand decides to drop them because that means that WWE is out of the pay-per-view business in the United States.

However, if they are dropped completely that could help the network. It would be a big blow regardless for the short term but the network should be profitable long term. The break even for the network goes up much more though if they are dropped by InDemand.

Information from the Wrestling Observer newsletter newsletter was used in this post. There is tons more on Warrior’s death and his life at

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