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D’Lo Brown shares his thoughts looking back on the controversial DX “Nation” segment

D’Lo Brown stopped by “Insight With Chris Van Vliet” this week to discuss his thoughts on working with Tom Hannifan, the rise of The Rock, and looking back on a controversial DX segment.

D’Lo Brown’s thoughts on Tom Hannifan:

“Tom is such a great guy,” Brown said.

“He came in and injected an element of comfort. No disrespect to anyone else, but there is something about his voice that is so comforting and draws you in. He is so knowledgeable about wrestling and such a pro.”

“I was so impressed from the moment he first sat down next to me.”

D’Lo was asked if he saw something in The Rock from the beginning:

“No, not at first and even The Rock would tell you he had the failed Rocky Maivia gimmick coming off an injury, and had the pineapple hair,” he laughed.

“He was trying to find himself following the failed babyface run. Also, he had some protection being in The Nation. He could make mistakes and have great minds around that would help him.”

“The one thing I did learn about Rock was that he was willing to do the work and he would out work anybody. What I mean by that is there were times where we were all in the car and you could see him thinking. We would listen to the radio, he would hear a catchphrase in a song, and two weeks later, it would be in a promo.”

“Because of that hard work, you could see this brother is putting the time in and working. If you go back, you can see the evolution of his promo style. It took about six months, but the first time that he walked out in that black vest and called himself The Rock, well you know the rest.”

D’Lo on if there was any trepidation about the segment where DX made fun of The Nation:

“No, and there have been a lot of stories out there. I can tell you that none of us had any real concerns about it,” he revealed.

“In retrospect, we could have done that segment without the black face, and I wish we had. It would have been just as good. Obviously I wished we changed that and we didn’t.”

“Looking back on it in 2022, I’m not a fan of it. But in 1997/1998, it was a way to get us to go to war. Both the factions were over enough and connected to the fans enough that we can go out there and draw money, build houses, and put up the ratings on TV. We looked at the potential matches, and that piqued our curiosity. I think people look past the obvious elephant in the room.”

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