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DNA evidence says Rocky Johnson had 5 additional kids, The Rock is their half brother

Sports Illustrated has a story up about Rocky Johnson, born as Wayde Bowles, having 5 additional children that found one another in adulthood.

The WWE Hall Of Famer had two children (Curtis and Wanda) with his first wife, Una Sparks, before marrying Ata Maivia, daughter of "High Chief" Peter Maivia, and they had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He later married Sheila Northern.

The article features the story being told by Lisa Purves, who was 18 when she first time she reached out to her father Rocky. It wasn’t until she was 30 that she got her father on the phone and told him that she was his daughter.

Lisa started a personal project in 2017 about what happens when you abandon a child and how it affects their life. Lisa set out to make a documentary about children whose parents knowingly separated from them, but couldn’t find anyone to open up about their story so a friend suggested she make a documentary about herself.

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Lisa found out through DNA evidence that Wanda wasn’t Rocky’s first child. Paula Parsons’ mother Thelma met Rocky in Toronto when Thelma was 19 and they had a relationship for two years. Six months before Una Sparks gave birth to Wanda later that year.

Rocky’s child Trevor Edwards, was born in Montreal on March 23, 1967. He was raised solely by his mother, Doreen. Adrian Bowles was also Rocky’s other childas he was born on April 24, 1970, in Truro, Nova Scotia. Aaron Fowler's mother Jackie gave birth to him on June 17, 1970.

All five children ran a DNA test that was arranged by Lisa and the results confirmed their relationship. It was Rocky was aware of at least some of the children he fathered across Canada, outside of Wanda and Curtis, and Dwayne.

Her film is tentatively titled Just Call Me Lisa and is still in production. You can see a photo of the children except for Aaron below (from left: Paula, Adrian, Lisa, and Trevor):