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Does everybody really hate Enzo Amore backstage?

Enzo Amore is a Certified G and Bonafide Stud and you can’t teach that. You also apparently can’t teach the kind of backstage heat he gets. From run-ins with strippers to straight up social media faux pas, Enzo seems to have covered the gambit on how to get backstage heat.

If you asked The Realest Guy In The Room how he was doing at SummerSlam he would have to say “hanging above the ring in a shark cage.” During that match he took his pants off and pulled out a bottle of baby oil he had strapped to his leg because all Certified G’s have baby oil strapped to their legs. He lubed himself up real nice and slid out of the cage only to get his head kicked right off.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer compared Baron Corbin’s current backstage heat to Enzo’s when he said:  “they didn’t do [Corbin] any favors at all and they didn’t do him any favors on Tuesday either so him and Enzo — you know what I mean? Him and Enzo.”

The famous wrestling journalist went on to further discuss the current backstage heat still swirling around Enzo’s head.

“Everybody hates Enzo. When you talk about it, it’s way worse now and I don’t really know what happened in the last two weeks other than maybe it just magnified but there you go.”

If you were wondering whether WWE is currently punishing a couple people who used to have top spots on the roster there’s your answer. Hopefully things can turn around for these two because they have fans who want better for them. But for now it looks like they’ll keep taking their lumps as they wait in the doghouse for Vince McMahon to call their names once again.

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