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Dolph Ziggler comments on his storyline angle with Nikki Bella on Total Divas

During his appearance on the episode 50 of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Dolph Ziggler stated that he believes the current WWE and NXT rosters are better than the Attitude Era roster.

"I get a lot of crap for saying that my generation and behind us, [who] are on the way up [to the main roster], are so good that it's not even close and you can complain and argue about everything ever, but, cool, the Attitude Era, wrestling was really in for 18 to 34 year olds who, like, love it and now we have all these guys who are so awesome at their job and it's a totally different era, but I'm very excited for how good everyone is."

Also during this interview Ziggler was asked about his storyline angle with Nikki Bella on Total Divas and if it bothered John Cena.

"After a while, you reach a certain point to where you know what your talent is, you know what you're capable of, and you have to not care. And 10 years ago, Attitude Era guys told me to step on some toes. How am I not doing that right now? You have to not give a damn to stand up for what you want to do and that's what I'm doing."

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