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Dolph Ziggler on the brand extension, WWE making Intercontinental Title prestigious again, more



Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Sky Sports to promote the WWE UK tour. During the interview, Ziggler was asked about WWE bringing back the brand extension that features an exclusive roster and events for both RAW and SmackDown Live. Ziggler said that the brand split gives more chances to the younger talent on the roster to be on TV and get more microphone time. Ziggler stated that the brand extension had reinvented his character as it has given him the chances to be himself and not memorize something or say a catchphrase.

Ziggler was asked about WWE putting more focus on the Intercontinental Title and making it more prestigious. Ziggler gave credit to The Miz for making the title mean more in the eyes of the fans. Ziggler brought up how 20 or 30 years ago it was the stepping stone title and showed the fans who the company was making the next big star. “Everyone has been talking about getting it back to that, and I think Miz did a great job,” Ziggler said. He hopes that Intercontinental Title matches can now be in the main events of SmackDown Live and becomes the focal point of the show.

Ziggler also talked about Vince McMahon and more. You can read the entire interview here.

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