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Dolph Ziggler says he’s been “phoning it in”

If you’re a fan of the Show Off, this must be a pretty frustrating time for you. Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been highlighted like he has been in the past and some are under the impression he could be on his way out of WWE. There have been some people telling the story about Dolph’s impending exit from WWE for a while now to be honest.

Shinsuke Nakamura said Dolph might be looking at a jump to New Japan Pro Wrestling soon and John Cena has apparently not wanted to work with Ziggler in the past as well. If you add in the tell-all from that YouTuber revealing all that personal stuff about the pioneer of the Zig Zag, then the writing might be on the wall Dolph is on his way out of WWE sooner than later.

Ziggler’s new gimmick really hasn’t captured the audiences’ attention either as Dave Meltzer noted he just seems to be complaining which is pretty much what he’s made his calling card at this point. Dolph might have a legit complaint because with his incredible charisma and ability he should be much closer to the top of the roster.

Even though some might be tiring on Ziggler, WWE still trusts him to break in some of the top NXT stars once they make their way to the main roster as one fan pointed out. Dolph is a seasoned performer in the ring and in the comedy club so his reply was cynical but could very well have had a tinge of reality to it as most of the best cutting jokes do hold an element of truth in them.

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