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Dolph Ziggler's brother pleads guilty in the 2016 killing of a Marine Corps veteran

Donald Nemeth

Donald Nemeth, 30, and Jack King, 52, have pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery, and kidnapping in the January 2016 death of Marine Corps veteran Joshua Mascol. The shooting happened after an apparent botched robbery at a hotel in the Cleveland area. According to previous reports, this was a drug deal gone bad and Mascol ended up dead after being shot three times.

Both men will be sentenced on August 28 in Cuyahoga County Commons Pleas Court and Nemeth will have to wear an ankle monitor while on home detention until he sees the judge for his sentencing. Both men were facing life in prison if they were convicted.

Prosecutors asked the judge to bar Nemeth's lawyers from mentioning his brother Dolph Ziggler (Nick Nemeth) during the trial because the relationship is irrelevant to the case and could cause the jurors to lose some of their focus on the facts of the case.

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