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Dominik Mysterio written off WWE TV?



It looks like Dominik Mysterio might be off WWE TV for a while.

Dominik lost a quick squash match to Veer Mahaan tonight on Monday Night Raw. After the match, Veer continued the attack until referees and officials ran down to pull him away. As they went to commercial break, Dominik was put in a neck brace and he was about to be taken out on a stretcher.

This looks to be the start of a monster heel push for Mahaan and it also looks like they have written Dominik off TV because stretcher angles are commonly done when they want to write someone off for a while, whether its to cover for a real injury or simply because they want to freshen them up for their eventual return.

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After the commercial break, Dominik was loaded onto an ambulance and then Mahaan was interviewed backstage before they cut back to the ambulance leaving the building.