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Don't expect too many "inside" questions on future Steve Austin podcast specials

For those hoping that Austin would bring the hard insider questions on his WWE Network podcasts, it doesn't look like that will be happening. Dave Meltzer noted that when Austin was brought back for more podcasts on the network, the idea from WWE was that they wanted to be "less inside" with the podcasts and just focus on entertaining conversation. Basically, it would be just like Chris Jericho's podcast with Stephanie McMahon. I think the only "hard hitting" or "inside" question was about AJ Lee and they still sort of danced around the subject.

The Austin podcast was entertaining but they did not get too inside. Instead they decided to tell fun road stories. This is a big difference from previous Austin podcasts with Heyman. I'm not surprised that they took this route. When WWF Excess started in late 2001 they started out with more in depth real life stories but the show softened over time. If I remember correctly, the same thing happened with WWF Live Wire in the 90s when they allowed fans to ask questions but they ditched that concept within a couple of months. WWF Raw magazine also started with more edgey and "insider" stories but those types of stories went away within a year or two.

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