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Dr. Chris Amann had a sexual relationship with a WWE Superstar, according to court documents



A lot of things came out during the CM Punk trial that most people would like to forget including loads of information about the lump on Punk's backside. But there were also a few pieces of information that emerged from the trial Dr. Chris Amann would like for everyone to forget as well including the fact he broke HIPPA law and gave out prescription medication without logging it.

David Bixenspan of Deadspin reports a new finding from the trial that never saw the light of day during the proceedings. Dr. Chris Amann's attorneys filed several motions a week before the trial trying to keep certain topics from being discussed. Many of those were sealed but one motion that wasn't sealed was also pretty interesting indeed.

The motion which was not sealed showed Amann had a romantic relationship with former WWE Superstar Jillian Hall during her time with WWE. Amann was the Raw brand's only doctor during that period and traveled around providing medical care and also carried on this relationship.

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Deadspin reached out to Hall who confirmed this relationship was a real thing and a wrestler who remained unnamed also stated neither party tried to hide their relationship. Court docs also show that Amann had a romantic relationship with an indie wrestler who he met at WWE tryout. Her name was not listed in the story on Deadspin.

A doctor dating their patient is a huge ethics violation and if a doctor starts a relationship with a patient then they must be removed as the caregiver. But this obviously wasn't the case as Amann was the only doctor around the Red Brand during their relationship.

Amann's attorneys declined to comment to Deadspin on the subject but WWE released a short statement saying: "We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted."

It should be noted that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported Amann's contract with WWE is set to expire in October. While losing a legal battle isn't cause to not re-sign someone's contract, these ethical violations could very well be enough.

Only time will tell how this plays out because although this relationship took place some time ago, it's still not a good thing to come out at any point especially after such a hard-fought legal battle.