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Drake Maverick had to improvise after fake urine device did not work at WWE Survivor Series



There is an interesting note in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Drake Maverick's urination spot during the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

For those of you that missed it, Maverick urinated on himself during the AOP vs. Sheamus and Cesaro match as Big Show grabbed him. Maverick had something in his pants that would create the fake urine. That spot led to Sheamus and Cesaro losing the match because they were distracted.

There's one version of the story told to Dave Meltzer about the gimmick urine not working. At one point you could see him adjusting it just before the urine could be seen on his pants. One version of the story, which is not confirmed, is that the gimmick urine contraption did not work so he had to pee on himself for real to make the angle work.

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Maverick is known to be a team player and always does what is asked of him. During his time in Impact Wrestling, he was well regarded as a guy who would do anything to get his angle over so it's not a surprise to hear that he would improvise to make the angle work last Sunday.