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Drake Wuertz implies that WWE fired him for refusing to get vaccinated

Former WWE referee Drake Wuertz implied in a post on Instagram that he was let go because he refused to show proof that he’s been vaccinated.

Wuertz claimed that his previous employer (WWE was not mentioned by name) discriminated against employees and they violated basic human rights. There are holes in this story because there are absolutely some people still working in WWE that have opted not to get vaccinated.

Wuertz said, “Any company that is discriminating against employees that refuse to participate in an experimental medical procedure by forcing them to show proof of vaccination in order to come to work in a normal capacity is violating basic human rights. I questioned, pushed back, and then defied this tyrannical overreach of control. That didn’t fit their narrative and I was punished.

Faith is taking a stand and knowing that God has you covered.

I lost my six-figure job for taking a stand on multiple fronts and I don’t regret it one bit. We all come to a point where we either follow the Lord or follow the world. That decision was easy for me. I’d rather flip burgers for the glory of God then sell my soul being part of a cabal that’s pushing a deceptive lie that you must mask up or take the jab in order to participate in normal everyday life.

A company I thought was Patriotic has now bowed to the communist mob agenda.

#ReligiousFreedom #Uncanceled #RiseUp #DefyTyrants #medicalfreedom #bestrongandcourageous #GlorytoGod

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