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Drew McIntyre attacked by Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley during WWE Raw



Ricochet and Mustafa Ali came up short in trying to take out Drew McIntyre in separate matches on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw. Wrestlers have been trying to take out McIntyre after Lashley announced that he would give a title shot to any wrestler who was successful at taking McIntyre out of WrestleMania.

After McIntyre won his matches, Lashley walked out to the arena after being called out by McIntyre. As they got in each other's face, a fight broke out but McIntyre was able to get the upper hand by kicking Lashley out of the ring.

Baron Corbin then appeared and attacked McIntyre from behind and he served up McIntyre to Lashley with the Deep Six. As the show ended, Tom Phillips wondered if this attack means that McIntyre's opportunity at Mania is "doomed."

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