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Drew McIntyre comments on reports about his possible WWE SummerSlam opponent

Although WWE has one more pay-per-view event to go before they start the build for this year’s SummerSlam, a top match has been reported about happening at next month’s event. 

That contest is Drew McIntyre defending the WWE Title against Randy Orton in the main event. This is something that the top Raw star actually talked about while doing an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT.

“That’s exciting to me,” McIntyre said. “Randy Orton is on fire right now.”

McIntyre noted that Orton doesn’t try to go at 100 percent sometimes, but even at that level, Orton is still better than 90 percent of everybody in the world. He put over Orton by stating that when he’s on, there is nobody that can touch Orton.

McIntyre stated that he needs somebody who is really going to make him work up to their level as he’s in a place where he’s building his reign as a new champion and they don’t have an audience to show the new fans they should be reacting to him in a certain way. He understands that he’s starting from square one to get over every single week.

The WWE Champion knows that there might be a new viewer watching and he has to tell them who he is and why they should support him. Thus, he thinks with Orton being established and instantly recognizable, it would be a good way for him to work up to Orton’s level.

“I’m excited at the prospect of me and Randy if it comes together. I hope it happens, the internet seems to know about it before I do [laughs]. The story writes itself; we were kids who were given such great opportunities. Randy has all the natural talent in the world, but he was very protected.”

McIntyre then went into character by stating that every time Orton messed up, he made sure someone was cleaning up his mess behind him. On the flip side, when McIntyre messed up, it hurt him and he was pulled from a push.

He then brought up the way that they could tell the story by noting his own journey as he went from a pushed guy to being fired after his run with 3MB and then returning to get on top of the company.

“It got to the point where wrestling gave up, I was fired and it was up to me to really want this. I started working on myself. Instead of wrestling choosing me, I chose wrestling and I started working my a** and took the long way round to reach the top. So it’s very interesting in terms of the story Randy and I could tell.”

McIntyre will defend the WWE Title against Dolph Ziggler at next Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view event. You can check out the full interview here. 

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