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WWE Superstar Drew McIntyer was interviewed on "INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet" to talk about his upcoming match with Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, how he reinvented himself after his days with 3MB, and many other topics.

Here are a couple of highlights from the interview.

Drew McIntyre talking about cutting the ring ropes with his sword at WrestleMania 38:

“I managed to cut the top two ropes, maybe it was only supposed to be one rope, but it could have been a disaster and I could have cut no ropes. Everyone thinks that the ropes were rigged and they were going to split apart on command, they weren’t. It was real ropes and it was a sword that was extremely sharp. I had to hit it perfectly, and thank God it worked out in the end.”

On going to the UK for Clash at the Castle:

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“When I say that I dreamt of moments when I was a kid, I dreamt of main-eventing WrestleMania and all these big moments that seemed attainable. In my mind, they were attainable, but nobody else believed that I could do it, coming from Scotland to the WWE."

"But the idea of main-eventing a UK stadium show to the level of SummerSlam 1992 didn’t seem possible because they didn't run UK stadium shows. This is something I actively talked about, actively pursued, and actively asked questions about for years, especially when I became WWE Champion. I had a lot more media going around at the time, especially high profile media. I mentioned it all the frigging time. Thankfully I guess that there were some talks going on behind closed doors that I didn’t know about. It got to a point when I talked about it so much that someone had to say to me, ‘Do you know something you shouldn’t know?’ I said, ‘Nope, I know nothing. I have just got certain goals that I have been pushing for a while. You do what you are doing and I will do what I am doing, and hopefully, this will work out.’ Thankfully, it did work out. I got involved in the process eventually and it is happening now. I would love to take the credit for it, but it’s the unsung heroes behind closed doors that work in WWE that make these things happen.”

Click below to check out the entire interview.

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