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Drew McIntyre (Galloway) talks about leaving WWE, 3MB, working for Vince McMahon, & more

by Michael Riker

Former WWE Superstar Drew Galloway joined Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca on Busted Open.. You can hear Busted Open on SiriusXM 92 and on the SiriusXM app. Also go to Busted for all the details.

Was there a fear of leaving WWE and going on the indy scene?

I guess you have that on the back of your mind. After I got the call, I sat down and said I am 29, I been in the WWE for 7 years and I been wrestling since I was 15. I am going to go out and make stuff happen. I didn’t want to be like everyone else when they get finish from WWE and be like ‘Oh I am young I’ll be hired again and they just fly under the radar’. I don’t want to do that. I want to go out and make as many bombs go off as I can. We are living in the social media age and it is a great time to be a professional wrestler because people can follow you and people are following what I am doing.

Does it feel like wrestling is becoming almost like a curse word to a company like WWE?

I wouldn’t put it that way. WWE is like a different animal these days. It’s a multi-million almost billion dollar juggernaut. It has a particular style. It won’t have that typical long match. It has certain things to stick to and products to sell. That is why WWE is now sports entertainment. Like independent wrestling they don’t try to be like WWE because nobody can compete with it. It’s a big difference. WWE labels themselves as ‘Sports Entertainment’. When I was in WWE I was a Sports Entertainer but I am not anymore I am a Professional Wrestler.

So there really is that division with what you’re doing now in Pro Wrestling and what you did at WWE with Sports Entertainment?

Yeah absolutely, I didn’t think much of it. It is a completely different animal now. They have phone calls to answer to, sponsors to answer too. It became a completely different thing and that is why it became Sports Entertainment because it’s not pro wrestling as we know it. What I am doing now is pro wrestling and that is what I want to do as long I am young enough to do it. I’ve been in America since I am 21, I just want to wrestle for a few more years and maybe start doing the 3MB thing when I get older. (Laughs) I just want to get the wrestling out of my system .

I don’t understand how a guy goes from the Chosen One to 3MB to gone?

I don’t know. That’s wrestling I guess. I wish we stuck with the story line a little longer because we were on the right track with it. I remember the pinnacle of it with myself, Kofi Kingston, and Teddy Long at ring side. I remember how into it the crowd was getting and it was a lot to take in. It was such a big show and we were strictly on SmackDown. It was a process getting the character across and then suddenly we started pulling back. Then we had something with Edge & Kelly Kelly then we pulled back. Suddenly I wasn’t doing anything and it was disappointing. I wasn’t the only guy that happened too. I wasn’t doing anything when they came up with the 3MB thing. The writers had to take me to the stands to tell me. I don’t know what they expected me to do like I was going to flip out and attack everybody. I wanted to take an opportunity and run with it, but the first week in I had a broken wrist and had to get surgery. Vince was so invested into 3MB. The first week the main wrestler of the group had a broken wrist so it kind of killed it.

Was there somebody on that roster that you wished you had a program with and could have made a lot of money with?

Yeah I said a million times, it is always Sheamus. He and I came up together from the Independent scene. We had such a big feud in Europe we have boat loads of footage working together. We came up together, we went through development together. We won the developmental titles together. When I won the Intercontential title and he won the World Heavyweight Title on the same night. It is kind of like the big brother thing of one ups man ship. It is such an easy big brother, little brother storyline that can make money because it is real. People like real.

What was it like working for a guy like Vince McMahon?

Lifelong dream and it was all I wanted to do. He created modern day wrestling into Sports Entertainment. That’s his baby, he created an image and he made himself so much money with so many hours of TV a week. That is why I didn’t go crazy about wins and losses and I see why they make they focus on the main story lines, because that is where the money comes. I see everyone else going crazy over wins and losses. Just take a step back and relax and wait your turn. That’s what I did with 3MB we went out there and did our best.

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