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Drew McIntyre on his return to WWE, Jinder Mahal winning WWE Championship, more

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with The UK Mirror to talk about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about returning to WWE and competing in NXT. He said that he had been a crazy couple of months as he went from working on the indy scene and not electing to re-sign with Impact Wrestling. He said that he had to make the best decision for his future and family’s future. He brought up how William Regal is one of his mentors and that they had been talking to him since he left the company.

“I had a good conversation with Triple H on the phone, and as I say, my mind was made up where I wanted to go. NXT is the top roster in the world as far as I’m concerned, the work ethic and fans. Once I had that conversation, my mind was beyond made up. That day when I showed up at the show was one of the wildest days of my life. I had a very busy day! I started at 8 am, I had a signing, then a show in the afternoon, then a radio appearance, I had an additional signing, then showed up at the Evolve show at 8 pm it started, I was out in the first segment, I believe I left the building at 8.20pm, drove straight to the Amway Center in Orlando, my wife was waiting with a suit at the back door. We ran in the back, I put the suit on, this was about 9 pm, Orlando traffic, so it took a while to get there.”

He added that when he was sitting at ringside at NXT Takeover: Orlando and when they showed him on camera, which led to the fans going crazy, it was one of the best feelings in his life and he knew right then that he had made the right decision.

McIntyre was asked about the rise of Jinder Mahal, who shocked the world by defeating Randy Orton to become WWE Champion at the Backlash pay-per-view event. There are some people who have questioned WWE’s decision to have Mahal as the champion because of his status of a mid-card level talent just weeks before the championship match. If you recall, McIntyre worked with Mahal in the past as they were members of 3MB alongside Heath Slater. McIntyre said that he almost punched through the roof when Mahal won the championship and made the loudest noise in the backstage area.

“Just to watch his turnaround is the biggest thing for me. I remember about a year and a half ago having a conversation with him. The second I was gone from the WWE, as you know, I started to write my mission statement, I just kept going, there was nothing else I was going to do. I had a clear vision, and thankfully it just came out. With Jinder he went out, he wasn’t too sure what he wanted to do, and he talked about this on Chris Jericho’s podcast, so I’m not speaking out of turn. He got himself out of shape, not wrestling so much. He wasn’t really sure what to do, and we had a conversation when he wasn’t too sure about his future and was talking about the opening I think it was a Subway franchise he was leaning towards, and he’s got a couple of houses and real estate. Wrestling was pretty much off the table. Then one day he made a decision, ‘no, I’m going to get back in shape’. He started taking it seriously again, got back in shape, got the call from WWE, continued his path, worked hard, gave up alcohol, made these positive changes in his life and just started working his arse off.“

McIntyre noted that to watch Mahal got into the best shape of his life and being the hardest working guys makes him very proud. He added that was a big moment for him and he couldn’t be prouder of him.

McIntyre also talked about possibly competing for the WWE UK Championship, wanting to be the top guy, and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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