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Drew McIntyre opens up on his relationship with Vince McMahon



Drew McIntyre has the experience of being a mid-card talent and a top star in WWE. His first stint with WWE came to a halt in 2014 after working the latter part of that run as a mid-card talent. He returned in 2017 to become a top star for the promotion.

While doing an interview with Inside The Ropes, McIntyre discussed how his relationship with Vince McMahon has changed over time.

McIntyre brought up how if you’re involved in more significant segments and have longer matches then the chance to be in his office is a lot more

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“So it was awesome in the sense of building a relationship which is important in any job, to have a relationship with your boss, especially WWE. And also learn.”

McIntyre noted that when he's talking with McMahon, he tries to not sell something that he learned from McMahon.

“So I got to learn a lot during that period, but also start building that trust with him where he can trust me to go out on television and know my character. And if I feel something, go in that direction. And also outside the ring, you know, interviews and representing the company. Building that trust during that time, that was very important to me to keep doing that.”

McIntyre noted that he feels like he has done it to a significant degree that McMahon knows he can put him in any situation and he will represent the company in the right way and overachieve.