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Drew McIntyre praises Sonya Deville and Apollo Crews and says wrestlers are being given more freedom during promos

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is the guest this week on Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast. McIntyre was on to talk about his upcoming match on Sunday with Randy Orton, his wild ride in WWE from his early days in the company, working hard on the independent scene and finally making to the top.

Here are some highlights:

McIntyre feels some wrestlers are finding their characters during the COVID Era:  “If you look at the positives within the negatives, you can find yourself as a character and add some extra layers.  If you know what you’re doing and you know yourself, you can really go over on a deeper level right now.  I’ve seen a few people do that in the past few months.  I know when we get back to the arenas, there’s a few characters that are going to connect on a deeper level and the industry is going to be better for it.  On SmackDown, I’ve seen Sonya do a great job every time she gets presented an opportunity.  She really seems to know herself and maximizes every chance she gets, especially on the microphone.  On RAW, I would say Apollo has really stepped up.  He is somebody that was uncomfortable in certain areas because he was trying to play a character instead of being himself.  Now he is finally relaxing.  He is being the real person and people at home are starting to connect.  It’s hard to gauge without an audience being there, but, I keep up to date socially and see how people are responding to the Superstars and I think Apollo is doing a great job right now.”

McIntyre was asked how he felt being able to give more realistic promos with Randy Orton:  “I think in general, we really do have that freedom, especially right now.  They are giving a lot of leeway and freedom if you know yourself and your character and you frame it the right way.  The thing with myself and Randy, aside from the way he is on fire right now and the way I’ve been building is a lot of stories we can tell.  The best stories are the truth.  With this situation, it is going to be very interesting.  Everything that comes out of my mouth, I 100% feel and it was true.  People have read a lot of things online about Randy when he was younger and how for the younger guys like myself it was like walking on eggshells.  I don’t forget. I remember everything.  I’m a different man today.  I’m not afraid to say what I feel.  I’m not a boy anymore.  I’m a grown man and I’m going to say exactly what I feel.  If it feels real, that’s because it is.  I think Randy and I are going to be very interesting for everybody.” 

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