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Drew McIntyre talks potentially being booed when fans can attend live events again

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The WWE Champion would discuss a number of topics from his recent career, including his WrestleMania win against Brock Lesnar, the ‘outside’ athletes who continue to challenge the Scottish Superstar and how the crowd may potentially react to him when fans are allowed back into arenas.

“I mean it is now!” Drew McIntyre joked when asked if potential crowd reactions were playing on his mind. “Na, I feel pretty good about things. Obviously the live crowd is where we get our instant feedback but also social media. As I’ve said before, [we have] a billion social media followers so I do have a finger on the pulse of how people are reacting, how they’re feeling about things.”

McIntyre elaborated further, saying “I’ve said in the past that social media can be a tad negative sometimes, but since I won the title? They’ve [the fans] been very positive, and every week they’re very positive. And there’s feedback they’re rallying behind me, which is cool because they know I’m just a wrestling fan in the end who’s made it. I’m working as hard as I possibly can. I think you see that the passion hopefully comes through the camera when I’m out there.”

McIntyre would finish by describing how he plans to be the first person to appear in front of the crowd when WWE can finally host live events once again. “They know like when we get to the arenas? I want to be the first one to come out. I don’t want any dark matches, I don’t want any Main Event tapings or anything that we do prior to RAW starting. I’m gonna do whatever I can and harass Vince [McMahon] until he says ‘it’s okay Drew a you can do this.’ I want to be the first person that walks out of that curtain. The fans are going to be rabid to get back.”

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