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Dustin Rhodes says AEW will take over the world and "Vince better watch his ass"

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes was one of many wrestlers who took part in the Double Or Nothing post-show media scrum on Saturday night.

"This, without a doubt, was the most incredible night of my life," Rhodes said about his match at Double Or Nothing.

He joked that he wants to put on a six-star match for Dave Meltzer when he teams with Cody against The Young Bucks next month.

Rhodes added, "I'm excited about [AEW] and what they are doing because they are fixing to take over the world and Vince [McMahon] better watch his ass."

Rhodes talked about being out of the ring for so long since undergoing double knee surgery and he wasn't sure how the crowd would react but it felt good to hear how the fans in Las Vegas reacted. He said, "it was the greatest moment of my career."

Rhodes said he was going to retire at Double Or Nothing but he was caught off guard when Cody went back in the ring to stop him.

"I made it out of prison. It feels good to know that there's a life outside of WWE. New life for everybody and he better be on his toes," Rhodes added.

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Rhodes said he would love to pass on his knowledge to the younger wrestlers behind-the-scenes.

Check out the footage below, courtesy of Chris Van Vliet:

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