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Dutch Mantell reveals Vince McMahon's hilarious reaction to Jack Swagger getting arrested in 2013

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger


Former WWE on-air character Dutch Mantel/Zeb Colter recently appeared on Sean Mooney's 'Prime Time with Sean Mooney' podcast. The long time booker and performer discussed a litany of topics from his career in and out of the squared circle. One of the topics covered centered around Jack Swagger, and when Colter was his manager. In 2013, Swagger was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence whilst in Mississippi. This was just before his WrestleMania 29 encounter with Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

It was believed before the incident that the company were completely behind Swagger, and wanted the 'All American American' to take the title. However Swagger did not win the belt, seemingly as punishment for the whole situation.

Dutch revealed Vince McMahon's reaction to the ordeal, saying "The next week? That was when Swagger got busted for that" Mantell began. "And I thought he was gonna get fired. And I went well 'I'll be damned,' I get here with these guys now suddenly he gets busted. But they didn't fire him, they stayed with him."

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Mantell elaborated further, saying "I was walking in with him [Swagger] and Vince [McMahon] come right in as we walked down the hallway, Jack saying 'hey are being paid man?' to me. He's trying to figure out his position, what he's doing, and I don't blame him. He [Swagger] said 'I need to talk to you' and all Vince said. You know he said to him? He said, 'Jack, You're an idiot.'"

"Well yeah, I know I'm an idiot but can I talk to you?" Jack Swagger apparently replied. "Jack, You're an idiot,' Vince said and he kept walking. And I don't think Jack ever did talk to him about it! But it worked out well for him he's [now Jake Hager in AEW] doing good now. And I think Swagger is one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet."

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