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DX parody of The Nation of Domination removed from WWE Network

On Monday, we noted that the DX parody of the Nation of Domination that aired in 1998 might not make it to the Peacock streaming service.

The segment has now been removed from the WWE Network. As seen below, the segment featured members of D-Generation X dressed as members of The Nation.

Triple H played the role of The Rock, Billy Gunn as The Godfather, Road Dogg as “B-Lo” (D-Lo Brown), Jason Sensation as Owen Hart, and Sean Waltman dressed as Mark “Mizark” Henry. Waltman had his face painted black for the segment. was told that more edits to past shows are expected and then they will be handed off to Peacock. As noted last week, both Peacock and WWE are reviewing content that may be seen as offensive since Peacock is touting itself as a family-friendly streaming service.

Both Peacock and WWE have recently removed the Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown match from WrestleMania 6 and Piper’s pre-match interview because of Piper painting his body half black.

Both streaming services have also removed the segment from Survivor Series 2005 where Vince McMahon used the n-word. We’re told that the main reason why it will take some time to get most of the older content up on Peacock is that they have a team that will be reviewing every show and it will take time to review and edit those shows.

The standalone WWE Network will continue to exist for non-United States customers and the content that is available there will mirror exactly what ends up on Peacock.


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