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EC3 says he was ordered not to speak and then Vince McMahon told him to speak like a weatherman



Former WWE Superstar EC3 is the guest this week on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast. He talked about his run in WWE, why he left TNA/Impact and his return to Impact Wrestling.

Here are some highlights:

EC3 talked about being called up to the main roster in WWE: “It never right when I had the call up because when there is something you chase your whole life and dream and you wait for the call. You get many calls. You get calls to get signed. You get calls to get used. But, the call up, there is a purpose. This is it. When it happened, first off I was on injury reserve with a concussion when I got called up to the main roster. That was odd to me, but, there’s a reason. There’s a purpose. Let’s go. I had no promos. I was ordered not to speak. I think it was a rush call up of a bunch of people because they were feeling heat from numbers being low and fans were complaining. They were like, we are doing something.”

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EC3 talked more about promos and his interactions with Vince McMahon: “Yes, I did the four hour waits in the hallways. I had a couple of conversations with him. They were all very positive. He really said everything people say about him. He said, you look great. I know you can talk. You have a ton of charisma. You are a good worker but you’re not super flashy and that’s ok, because some of my top draws were never flashy guys. I’m like, ok, cool. Can I talk? He said, well I think you are a little over the top. I’m thinking, how many promos have you seen of me? One. I think they saw one and it was shot in my pool at the condo and it was fairly over the top. Regardless, you’re basing this on one promo. He said, why don’t you speak like a weatherman. Very monotone and one dimensional.”

EC3 discussed why he left TNA for NXT: “There was a constant power struggle. It was between Dixie and then John Gaburick was involved. Then he wasn’t. Then Billy Corgan was involved. Now Jeff Jarrett’s involved. Now Anthem was involved. It was literally a Game of Thrones. One week, Billy is our boss. Then Jeff is our boss. Then Dutch is there. Then Bruce. The next week Anthem was in charge, and then Billy. So, it was disheartening. At the time I was a locker room leader. I tried to put on the best face forward that everything is fine. It’s impossible to tell. Then you hear the rumors that this company is going to be done next week. Never were. Damn does that place survive. It was a lot at once. I’m looking at the writing on the wall. They turned me back into a heel. They were rehashing what I already have done. By the time Anthem finally settled in, before I had the chance to work with them, I had a really good deal for at least another 6 or 7 months. I’m looking at it and thinking, they need to start with new guys. I need to go try this (NXT) again. If I don’t, I’ll live with regret again, and I can’t have that. I know when the time would be up on this contract, I won’t have it. That’s fine, but at the same time, if you can save on me now, you can start to rebuild and put yourself in a better position. It was very mutual. They wanted to keep me but obviously, financially, it was better I don’t. Whatever you need out of me, I will do business on the way out. At the same time, we were talking with NXT. It was nothing but a reinvention. I needed to do something different. My personal life was like, shit. Everything was like, nothing felt good or right. I knew as long as the WWE was over there that I would always think, what if? Scott D’Amore, who was very appreciative of my honesty, agreed with me, said, handshake. Let’s do some business and we will talk down the road, which we did.”

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