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ECW Arena cancels event after learning that it was for President Donald Trump

ECW Donald Trump

2300 Arena, known to wrestling fans as the ECW Arena, has canceled a political event after they were made aware that it was President Donald Trump.

An event named "Italians For Trump" was to be hosted by Rudy Giuliani today but, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the owners were under the impression that the event was for a local politician.

"There’s just a whole lot of things that come with a Trump rally," owner Christy Bottle said. "There’s no way we were going to take any risks on any level for a Trump rally."

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Bottie's concern is about the building not being able to accommodate people in the building because of COVID-19. There was also concern about the potential for protesters to show up outside of the building.

The event was moved to another location and Giuliani placed blame on the Mayor of Philadelphia, which was obviously not the case since it was the building's decision to not hold the event.