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ECW Mass Transit incident to be covered on Viceland's 'Dark Side of the Ring'

New Jack Paul Heyman Mass Transit

Viceland's "Dark Side of the Ring" will return for another season and one of the episodes will cover the infamous Mass Transit incident from ECW. The official "Dark Side of the Ring" Twitter account released a photo that indicates that the Mass Transit story will be one of the episodes in season 2.

On November 23, 1996, a wrestling fan named Erich Kulas convinced Paul Heyman to let him fill in for Axl Rotten in a match where he was supposed to team with D-Von Dudley against The Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa Saed).

As the story goes, Kulas asked New Jack to blade him since he had not done it before to himself. Kulas bled profusely as two of his arteries were severed. It was later found out that Kulas was 17 and not 23 years old as he had claimed to Heyman.

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The incident later led to ECW Barely Legal, their first pay-per-view, being temporarily canceled by their pay-per-view provider Request TV.

Year later, New Jack was sued and was tried on charges of assault and battery but he was acquitted of all charges in the trial and was declared not liable in the civil trial.

As previously noted, the second season will also cover Chris Benoit, Dino Bravo and the WWF Brawl For All tournament, among other subjects.

There is no air date announced yet by Vice TV on when the new season will begin. Click here for the teaser for the Chris Benoit episode. The Benoit episode will include interviews from several of Benoit's family and friend including Sandra Toffoloni (Nancy Benoit's sister), Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Chavo Guerrero and many others.