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ECW Original makes surprising Chris Benoit joke

Chris Benoit wrestled all over the world before coming to WCW and later WWE. He was one of the best pro wrestlers applying his craft on the planet and then the tragic events surrounding his death unfolded and he was greatly washed away from all memory.

Since the double murder-suicide in the Benoit household where Chris took the lives of his wife and son before hanging himself, WWE has taken strict precautions to be extremely cautious about brain injuries as we continue to learn more about the issue with CTE on a monthly basis it seems. It is a subject you don’t ever really touch and is strictly off limits, in fact, if you try searching for Chris Benoit’s name on the WWE website you will get a blank result like you didn’t search for anything at all.

Brian The Guppie recently posted a decades-old clip showing 2 Cold Scorpio crushing Chris Benoit’s face with a Tumbleweed. It was a pretty graphic pic and looked like it hurt a lot, but it wasn’t the clip that caused such a controversy. What made everyone look twice at this clip was the fact that Sabu tweeted out: “f-ck no wonder he killed his fam.”

Sabu and Chris Benoit worked together a lot in ECW and Benoit even once broke Sabu’s neck which is how he got a nickname like “The Crippler.” This response from Sabu was obviously in poor taste for most, but maybe since Sabu knew Chris Benoit so well he has a different take on things.


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