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Ed Ferrara says that WWE “delivers every time” with the NXT Takeover specials

Former WWE/TNA Head Writer Ed Ferrara recently appeared on WrestleZone Daily to discuss last night’s WWE NXT Takeover Respect event that aired on the WWE Network. Down below is an excerpt from that interview in which Ferrara talked about the show.

"The big impression that I had was, Man, do they know how to do celebrations for these women’s matches. Between this one and the NXT Brooklyn show… it grabs me by the heart, and I get so choked up watching it. They’re just so well done but not in a cheesy way; I don’t think at all. That to me reminds me of why we love watching this. It’s because we get caught up in the emotion. We get caught up in the story, and the characters and what’s happening, and we’re watching it happen right in front of us… it’s just emotionally captivating. They deliver every time."

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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