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Eddie Edwards explains exactly what happened during baseball bat spot with Sami Callihan

When you’re a pro wrestler you have to understand that a mistake in the ring could cost you a lot including your career. It turns out Eddie Edwards recently took part in a spot that almost cost him his eyesight too.

Sami Callihan busted him in the face with a baseball bat and the end result wasn’t pretty at all. Since then Jim Cornette fired back at him for being irresponsible in the ring but Callihan played it off like a true professional heel.

TMZ Sports recently had the chance to speak with Eddie Edwards about this spot went wrong and he explained exactly what happened. He seemed very cool about the whole ordeal which should speak to his veteran mindset. He realizes things like this happen, it’s just unfortunate that it had to go down like it did.

Eddie said as soon as it happened he shouted a curse word which is understandable. Then he went up the ramp see how bad the damage was. In the end, Edwards wound up with a broken orbital bone and nose but in all reality, he got off lucky because baseball bats aren’t supposed to smash people’s faces.

He also used this opportunity to address the issue of “wrestling being fake” and he handled it very well. Let’s hope Eddie heals up back to %100 and plays it a little safer from now on because this is a scary spot that could have gone much worse.

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