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Edge admits he wasn’t keen on trip to Saudi Arabia for his match at WWE Crown Jewel

Edge just wrapped up his latest feud at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia with a Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins. The program started in August as they had their first match at SummerSlam and they also worked a rematch on an episode of SmackDown.

The WWE Hall of Famer appeared on The Kids on the Escalator podcast. During it, he told a story about how he and Charles Robinson gave Jessika Carr a test run at SummerSlam for his match because Robinson wasn’t going to be at the show. Edge noted that he’s a little picky with who the referee is for his matches at this stage in his career.

After having a conversation with Robinson, they decided to give Carr a chance and he put her over for her confidence and being in control of her role in a high-profile match.

This is where Edge noted that he wasn’t keen on going to Saudi Arabia for the blow-off match, but after thinking about it, he thought if he could have Carr as the referee then he would be able to tell his two daughters about it. Due to their beliefs in the country, female talent was not allowed to wrestle or even appear at WWE shows until 2019.  When female wrestlers work matches, they have to be covered from the neck down.

“I always appreciate when somebody does that so, we had MSG and said, ‘Well, I think you gotta do part two there kiddo’ and then when I had-had the discussion, they asked me about kind of blowing off the entire story in Saudi Arabia, I wasn’t too keen on going, I’ll be perfectly honest. But then as we talked and they said, ‘We need it there,’ I said, ‘Okay. Well, let’s get Jess [to] ref there’ and not knowing how that — if we’d even be able to but I just love the idea of a woman being in control of two men in that country, and if it flew over a lot of heads, whatever but, for me, I can come back to my girls and tell them one day, ‘I went over there but, I think we did something pretty cool’ and again, she was just right there for everything, just not in any way overwhelmed by the moment, just stood up to the challenge. It was really cool to see.”

Also in this interview, Edge was asked when he would be appearing on WWE television next. He said he’s just waiting for WWE to call him to let him know when he needs to show up and figure out his next storyline.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcript

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