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Edge and Randy Orton met face-to-face on Raw, challenge issued for WWE Backlash

For the first time since WrestleMania, Randy Orton and Edge appeared on WWE TV for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Both men appeared in the ring at the same time in the final segment as WWE hyped earlier in the night that their rivalry might not be over.

Edge walked out to the ring first and noted that WrestleMania was not the end for him. Edge said he was not at Raw to hunt Randy Orton because he got his “pound of flesh” and the closure he needed. Edge said he and his family are now ready to move on.

Orton then walked out to the ring and simply congratulated Edge and said the better man won but Orton then decided to walk back into the ring and said that the better man won but the better wrestler didn’t. Orton said that Edge’s match at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania were not traditional matches and he doesn’t think Edge has it in him to wrestle a traditional match.

Orton closed out by asking if Edge has the guts to step in the ring with him at WWE Backlash in a wrestling match. Backlash will air live on the WWE Network on Sunday, June 14. The show ended without an answer from Edge and he had a concerned look on his face.


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