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Edge comments on Vince McMahon's bloody headbutt spot



Vince McMahon is one crazy guy and he's dedicated to the business. He would never ask someone to do something he wouldn't do himself. So naturally taking a headbutt isn't out of the question.

When Kevin Owens split Vince open on SmackDown Live it strapped a rocket to his back and lit the fuse. Now all they need to do is go to Hell In A Cell with reckless abandon and make Kevin Owens the solid main eventer he's always been.

Edge recently spoke about the Vince/Kevin headbutt spot on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness where he really put over Kevin Owens and spoke about how big of a deal this could be for his career.

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"They built it throughout the show, which was great. It seems they are pulling the trigger on Owens, properly now. Not that he hasn't had almost every title in the company already. He's basically been champion the entire time he's been there. This is a next level kind of thing. I'm assuming he's main eventing the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view with Shane now. If anyone is the master of making sure people are put over in matches, it's Shane."

"It will be interesting going forward after Hell in a Cell. It could be argued that he just jumped the world title in terms of 'whoa,' in terms of interest. This can make Kevin a 'main man' basically."

Hell In A Cell might really be the beginning of the Kevin Owens Era in WWE.

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