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Edge on going from pro wrestling to acting, his WWE Network show, more



WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke with CraveOnline to promote the new WWE Studios' "Interrogation" film, which was released on DVD, Blu-ray and on-demand on Tuesday. During the interview, Edge was asked about the biggest challenge in transitioning from an in-ring performer to acting in film and TV. For those who may not remember, Edge had to retire from pro wrestling in 2011 due to a neck injury.

“I think pulling everything back was initially the biggest challenge. I didn’t know I was doing it. I didn’t know I would make these facial expressions that you just naturally get in wrestling to convey everything to a larger live audience. When you’re trying to get an emotion across to 85,000 people who are sitting right there, it has to be bigger. All of the movements have to be bigger but when you have a camera on your coverage and it’s there and tight like that, every little nuance is picked up. That was what I didn’t understand initially.”

Edge and his tag team partner/best friend Christian had their own show on the WWE Network, The Edge and Christian Show. Edge stated that he still doesn’t know how they pulled off the show.

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“I still don’t know how we pulled it off. Honestly, I really don’t. We didn’t hit any barriers. We didn’t have any handcuffs put on us. Part of the process of even getting us to do it was freedom. We went into this thing with a blank canvas with the freedom to write and produce this thing and we thought ‘We’ll see what gets ixnayed and what doesn’t and nothing did [laughs]. Our take from it was that we are going to make fun of everybody. Nobody is safe but we’re going to make fun of ourselves more than anyone else. I think at the end of the day, anybody who might have got offended could watch and go” ‘Okay but now they’re having therapy with Bayley and tag team marriage therapy so you can’t really get mad at them.’

“We threw in some weird obscure references for true wrestling fans. You’re not going to be a casual wrestling fan and get our show. If you’ve never watched wrestling, you’re not going to understand it at all. That show was for the pure wrestling fan that understands a Bastion Booger reference and understands when I reach for the golden kazoo and go, ‘It’s not hot.’ You have to be a wrestling fan to understand we’re mocking Hulk Hogan in the Dungeon of Doom skits. We wrote it with all of that in mind. If they have the WWE Network, they’re probably big wrestling fans and even if we are referencing stuff before their time, they can go back and look it up.”

Edge also talked about "Interrogation" and more. You can read the entire interview here.