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Edge on Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, second season of his WWE Network show, more

Edge appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. There was a video package of moments from past Survivor Series PPV events.

When asked about why he has a beard, Edge said that he is filming a show called “Vikings” and thus he had to grow a beard.

Coachman asked him about appearing on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live and being backstage at WWE. Edge said that being around the guys is the best part, but he does like being in front of the fans. Edge talked about running into Kane backstage and said that he is a monster. He added that returning to WWE is like putting on an old shoe and that being around the Superstars is the thing he misses the most about being in WWE.

When asked about Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Edge said it would not be pretty as they are two big dudes going at it. Edge said that Lesnar is a freak and brought up being in the ring with him. Edge said that Goldberg runs through people. Edge wonders what the match will be like. Edge knows what Lesnar can do but doesn’t know what Goldberg can do as he never wrestled him. Edge thinks Lesnar wins the match but moments later Edge said he doesn’t know who wins.

When asked about Goldberg returning to WWE, Edge said he was a little surprised he returned but understands why he wanted to return as he wanted to be a superhero again and wrestle in front of his wife and son. Edge gave props for Goldberg getting in back in the ring. Edge said that Goldberg is still that character that the fans remember him being.

Coachman asked which is better – his spear or Goldberg’s spear. Edge said that it depends on how you look at it. Edge stated that Goldberg runs through you while he would hit you while on top of a ladder. Edge said that Goldberg wouldn’t jump off of a ladder. Edge thinks that the Superstars would rather take his spear than Goldberg’s.

When asked about the second season of The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network, Edge said that the fans would see a second season of the show and he might have a beard on the show. Edge stated that he likes doing the show and the show is written for hardcore fans. Edge predicted that they would film the show next year.

When asked about his acting career, Edge said that it’s great because he is still creative. Edge said that WWE filled his creative need and now acting does. Edge thinks that WWE is a great training base for acting. Edge pointed out The Rock as someone who made the transition from wrestling to acting. Edge said that he had had a blast while filming Vikings.

Coachman did a one-word answer session with Edge about Christian, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and the spear. Edge thanked ESPN for having him on the show, and this wrapped up the segment.

We will add the video of this interview once it is available.


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