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Edge shares his WWE plans following feud with Randy Orton

WWE Hall of Famer Edge did an interview with ESPN to promote his Last Man Standing Match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36.

It’s been reported that Edge’s deal is believed to be for three years at $3 million-a-year and his deal requires him to wrestle three times per year. However, he is committed to five matches.

It’s also believed that he will make 25 appearances per year, which is a deal similar to Brock Lesnar.

In this interview, Edge was asked about his plans following this program with the fellow WWE Champion.

“Physically, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that grind that all the young ‘uns are doing right now. I put in my 15 years of that, so now I can come back, and honestly, more than anything, I just want to help teach. And the best way for me to teach is to be in there in the ring with you and show you how to listen.”

Edge stated that he has a vision for what his latest run with the company will be. The reason for that is due to his belief that if you can visualize it, you can make it happen and he has a vision for the whole thing. However, he won’t spoil it.

“When it is time to walk away, I want people to say, ‘Oh, my God, I think he was better this time.’ That’s the challenge. This story has never been written before. No one has ever taken nine years off. No one has ever come back from a triple-fusion. It’s a blank canvas, and the story I want to try and tell, I just want it to be compelling. I want it to be fun for everybody.”

Edge ended by stating that the situation is just like what he said in his first promo back, which was that he hopes fans will come along for the ride with him because he will have a blast.

Edge also talked about his program with Orton, not being nervous about his wrestling comeback and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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