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Edge taken out on a stretcher after match with Seth Rollins on WWE SmackDown



In an excellent pay-per-view level match, Seth Rollins defeated Edge on this week's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Rollins won the match with the stomp after several kicks to the face. The match was filled with several kick outs after finishers by both wrestlers including a Pedigree from Edge to Rollins as a tribute to Triple H and also to taunt Rollins, who also has used the move.

After the match, medics ran out to the ring to put Edge on a stretcher because the story is that Rollins was finally able to hit the stomp and hurt Edge's surgically repaired neck. This appears to be a reason to give Edge time off TV and to set up a rubber match.

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After the commercial break, the cameras showed Edge getting loaded onto an ambulance. Rollins said that he doesn't know how he is supposed to feel after what happened to Edge. He ended by saying, "maybe I don't feel anything at all."

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