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Edge talks WrestleMania 36 return and wrestling with no live audience

WWE Hall of Famer Edge appeared on this week’s episode of the After The Bell podcast. The former World Heavyweight Champion discussed a plethora of topics on the show, with one being his WrestleMania 36 bout with Randy Orton. The match took place inside the Performance Center with no crowd in attendance.

“It’s the performance for the people at home; that are hopefully reacting the way that you would want them to within the arena”

“I mean, you have to admit there was disappointment” Edge revealed. “Because you know as a performer? We want to be in front of the audience you know? It’s not the same without the audience there physically. They’re watching at home, and that’s what you have to try and focus on. It is the performance for the people at home that are hopefully reacting; the way that you would want them to within the arena.”

“So now what can we do?”

Edge would elaborate further, saying “you got to just try and look at the positives. That’s all you can do, because otherwise the wormholes get very deep and it’s just not worth it. So it was disappointing sure, but pretty quickly I went ‘okay well this is what we have, so now what can we do?’ Let’s let’s try and look at this in different terms, you know, and then I started thinking about it in cinematic terms and apparently I wasn’t the only one!

“I think an audience at home does feed off of that.”

Edge would finish by discussing how a live crowd can add to match, but he also stated that it is possible to perform with no crowd if the match is laid out correctly. “That’s really what what I tried to do just focus on the story. And to me the story is always the steak. If the story’s there? I think you can do it without an audience. Sure there’s those challenges, don’t get me wrong. And you do feed off of it with adrenaline and things like that.” “I do think an audience can take something and make it better, just purely by their reaction and how invested they are. And I think an audience at home does feed off of that. But the circumstances we have is what we have to work with. That’s our job that’s what you have to try and do. And that’s how I just tried wrap my mind around it very quickly. Then also for me to understand that I have, who I believe to be the most talented person in the industry, in Randy Orton as my partner. And my opponent! But my partner as well.” If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit After The Bell with Corey Graves with a h/t to for the transcription

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