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Edge was not on board with future plans for The Judgment Day stable

Last night on WWE Raw when Edge was kicked off of The Judgment Day, many assumed that it was a cover for an injury because the change seemed so sudden and the group had only formed a few weeks ago.

There was also talk that perhaps this was a reaction to Cody Rhodes' injury and WWE needed a babyface to take his place while he's rehabbing his injury.

It turns out that none of those reasons are why Edge was booted out of the group. Fightful reports that WWE wanted The Judgment Day to have supernatural elements and Edge was opposed to that. Just a few weeks back, Edge clapped back at fans who compared him to The Undertaker, who did have supernatural elements in his character.

Fightful reported that there was talk about the group taking the "supernatural route" and Edge not being on board with that and word emerged on Monday afternoon about a big shift happening with Finn Balor taking Edge's spot.

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Although word got out in the afternoon, the word about Balor joining the group came about a week prior and things were already in motion for Balor to turn heel. However, at that point, there was no talk about Edge being removed from the group. Many of you might recall that Edge had teased Balor (among others) as possible additions to the group.

It's unclear what is next for Edge but the attack last night on Raw seemed to be WWE's way to write him off for a while.