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Legado Del Fantasma is headed to the WWE main roster, but Elektra Lopez won’t be coming with them. reports that WWE’s initial plans to include Lopez with Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza in the group have been dropped after she was originally slated to be at tonight’s WWE SmackDown, where the group is expected to make its main roster debut.

Plans changed over the last 24 hours. The other members of the group have been spotted in town for the show.

Fightful Select reports, “there was a heavy pitch and push to put Zelina Vega with the Legado Del Fantasma faction, possibly in place of Lopez.” As previously reported, Vega is in town for the show as she’s expected to make her return to television with a new look.

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Vega being part of the group hasn’t been confirmed but has been pitched.

Escobar had a match with Tony D'Angelo at NXT Heatwave in August with the stipulation that if Escobar lost, then he would leave NXT, but if he won, then Legado Del Fantasma would be free of D'Angelo.

Santos lost, and WWE did a segment the following week where he drove away from NXT with the group, indicating they would go to the main roster together.