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Eliminated Tough Enough contestant may have signed a deal with WWE

Tough Enough finalist ZZ may have signed a deal with WWE. He was seen at the WWE Performance Center on Monday and trained with some of the NXT talent. At the very least, it looks like he's getting a tryout if he hasn't already signed a full-blown developmental deal.

ZZ was a fan favorite on the show and, at one point, was a favorite of some in WWE management but people in management soured on him because of the feeling that he was not putting in enough effort to get himself in better shape.

There had been some that thought that he was on the show because he was just looking for fame since he had been in two prior reality shows but ZZ has stated in interviews (and on the Tough Enough finale) that he would continue to pursue a career in WWE.

Josh Bredl, Sara Lee and Amanda Saccomanno are also signed to WWE deals.

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