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Ember Moon shares how Edge helped her recover from ruptured achilles injury



Ember Moon did an interview with Daily DDT to discuss her comeback to in-ring action.

Moon had been on the shelf. Last year she ruptured her achilles and tore it off the bone. It happened when she was chasing Carmella during a segment involving the WWE 24/7 Title.

It turns out that WWE Hall of Famer Edge helped her in recovery as he went through his own ruptured achilles injury.

She said that she was so distraught in her own feelings and he reached out to her although Moon thought it was prank call at first.

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“Honestly, because of him and Triple H, that’s how it started turning around. Edge was basically like, ‘Do this, get a sauna, get a bike, you have to do this.’ He basically sent me a Cliff-noted version of what he was doing because he had such a bad Achilles rupture, too, that they said he would never come back. When the complications started happening, that’s when they told me I might not be coming back.”

She stated that the surgeon was top five in the country, but he hadn’t seen that type of injury before. She said that part of her is a little proud of that as she did it all the way.

“Edge helped me out so much with telling me what type of therapy to do and routines that would help. I sent that to my therapist and everything started to turn around. It was slow, but it started turning around.”

She said that she recalls the surgeon telling her in July that the foot was looking better and she had two choices. Either she would clear her in six weeks or they would have to do a second surgery.

“If I had that second surgery, I probably wouldn’t have come back.”