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Emma announces when she'll start taking indie dates



The WWE's Emmalution might be over but that's not going to keep Emma down at all. She's obviously going to carry on with her dreams and one of those dreams happens to still be pro wrestling.

A lot of people have been in contact with Emma since her release but they really should get used to referring to her by her real name, Tenille Dashwood because that's what she'll probably be going by in the indies. After all, WWE doesn't own her real name but they will probably hold onto Emma.

It looks like Emma -- Tenille Dashwood -- will be starting to take indie bookings as early as February next year. This will give her a nice 90-day no-compete clause but once that's over who knows where we'll be seeing Tenille Dashwood next?

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There are certainly plenty of organizations who would love to bring in someone like the woman formally known as Emma. Only time will tell if she'll wind up being one of those indie wrestlers with arms full of titles from all the companies she traveled to and picked up the gold along the way. She certainly has the ability to make that happen.

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